The official source of FairCoin wallet downloads.

On this site you can download all kinds of FairCoin wallets for various operating systems.

FairCoin Core Wallets

Mac OS X Core wallets for standard full nodes and CVNs

Mac OS X v2.0.0 x86_64 (PGP signature)

Windows Core wallets for standard full nodes

Windows Setup v2.0.0 64bit (PGP signature)

Windows Setup v2.0.0 32bit (PGP signature)

FairCoin Electrum Wallets

Electrum wallets for FairCoin2 are currently being created, please be patient.

Native Android FairCoin Wallet

Android wallet for older devices starting from 4.0.3

Please not that this wallet version is completely unsupported and only meant to access your coins and move them away to newer and more secure device!